The Arts University is committed to providing high quality, studio – based teaching and learning with strong rates of professional progression by our students. In order to continue to provide all our students with the highest quality experience, support students in financial hardship, and continue to develop wider access to the University, we will need to charge £9,250 (2019/20), which in effect replaces the loss in state funding.


Yes. having a degree does improve your chance of getting a job and research shows that over the long term graduates earn more than non-graduates. 研究 also shows that graduates are considerably more likely to be in a job than people with lower qualifications. There is far more to higher education than financial benefit. It can transform people’s lives for the better as their intellectual horizons are broadened. A higher education qualification means that you have more choice; a chance to find a job you really love now and in the future; and you can gain skills you need to progress in your career.


您的费用对你的大学生活去了。最重要的是,我们花在教学的钱,以及其他领域,如管理,维修,餐饮和住院医生。我们也尽量保持盈余投资之类的东西课程开发,设施和设备。要了解更多信息,看看我们的信息图 我们如何度过你的费用。你可以找到我们花的钱什么的详细分解,并通向哪里我们 年度决算.







我们将收取每年£9250在2019年开始的所有本科学位课程艺术大学致力于提供高品质,工作室 - 基于教学和与我们的学生的专业发展强劲率学习。


Yes. As a specialist University, dedicated solely to the study of art, design, media and performance, we offer a unique environment which reflects the way in which individuals and communities work together in the creative industries and where we offer students the professional skills, knowledge and confidence to realise their ambitions and to succeed in their chosen career. Study is divided across taught hours, studio and/ or work environment time, and independent study. Excellent professional and technical support is available and students are encouraged to experiment and work collaboratively.


Yes. There are likely to be some additional costs, for example you will need to pay for photocoping and printing; or materials that you may wish to purchase for your creative activity; or educational visits, which are designed to enhance the student experience and support much of the project work undertaken during the academic year. (The cost of the trip may vary from year to year and is relative to the chosen destination.) For some 课程 a resource kit is essential. Further information on possible additional costs is available from your course.




There are no upfront costs for your undergraduate course. You can get a loan to cover the costs of your tuition, which you only start to pay back when you are earning over £21,000 a year. However, some course kits are essential, the costs of which vary. These can be sourced through the University, must be paid for during induction week and information is available from your course.


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我有残疾 - 我可以得到任何额外的资金支持?

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are available to help if you are at university and will incur extra costs because of a disability (including a long-term health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia). DSAs can provide you with equipment such as a computer, and personal support, but does not provide any cash. DSAs can be received in addition to the standard student finance package and are available if you are studying on a full-time or part-time course. They are not dependent on income and do not have to be repaid.


Eligible part-time students in England who start their course in 2019/20 can apply for a tuition fee loan. The tuition fee loan replaces the previous means-tested fee grant and study grant. It will not be means-tested. Part-time students will not generally be entitled to a loan or grant to cover living costs. Extra financial help is available to part-time students who have a disability via the Disabled Students Allowance.


我们强烈鼓励艺术大学参观,来我们的一个 开放日 这是在网站上公布。请联系我们的招生办公室对具体课程信息进一步的建议: