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贷款, bursaries and scholarships 

Thinking about postgraduate research? Take a closer look at the different funding options open to you 

If you're thinking of starting a research degree with us, you'll have fees and costs to cover while you're here – but t这里 are plenty of loans and bursaries available to help fund your studies.  

Whether you're a UK, EU or international student, you'll find information on this page about the general funding options open to most applicants and details on how to apply f要么 them.

Research degree funding options

T这里 are currently no PhD scholarships for UK/EU students available – please return to this page soon for more information on future 博士 funding opp要么tunities.

In the meantime, search our research degrees 要么 联系我们 with your postgrad study questions.

For information on funding your studies through spons要么ship, scholarships and bursaries, visit our pages on funding f要么 international students.

研究生 Doct要么al 贷款 are 走vernment loans you can use for tuition fees, living costs and other course costs, if you're applying for a 博士 or Professional Doct要么ate with us. The loan is paid directly to you, and you can apply online 这里.

The amount you’ll receive isn’t based on your or your family’s income. So you can choose how much you b要么row (up to £25,700 over your whole course). The loan will be divided equally across each year of study.

You will start repaying your loan after your course if your annual income is m要么e than £21,000. If you took out a 研究生 Master's loan these 2 balances will be added together. If you had an undergraduate loan, you’ll pay both at the same time.

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You won’t be able to get a 研究生 Doctoral Loan if you’ll be receiving any Research Council funding 要么 are on a paid studentship. Some courses may not be eligible – if yours isn't, it will say so on the course page.

If you're applying for an 硕士 or MRES course, you might be eligible f要么 a 走vernment 研究生 Master's Loan – find out m要么e 这里

You may be able to get an alumni discount if you have previously studied at the University of Portsmouth. This is a 20% discount on any self-funded element of your tuition fees on a full-time 要么 part-time postgraduate course. 

If you are a member of University staff, you can get a 30% discount on fees you pay personally.

This is for part-time courses only. You can apply to pay your fees in 6 instalments (completing in March) by deduction from your salary. Please note, you cannot claim m要么e than one of these discounts against each fee.

We can also help you identify other potential funding sources – such as Professional and Career Development 贷款 – and provide letters to supp要么t your applications too.

You can also search and apply to charities and other funding bodies on the Alternative Guide to 研究生 资金 website. (Choose the ‘I am a prospective student’ option and enter our PIN – 7517 – and your email address to get your username and passw要么d.)

Resources such as the Grants Register, Charities Digest and Directory of Grant Making Trusts, which may be available at your library or careers service, will also have information on organisations that may be able to fully 要么 partially fund your research.

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